Jacintha Field, Happy Souls by Jacintha, House of Mouse

I’ve known Zoe for many years and we’ve worked together on editing and copywriting for many of my House of Mouse clients. I just adore Zoe and so does everyone she meets.
She is an absolute dream to work with. She has an entrepreneurial spirit. Her attention to detail is exceptional and her kind nature is second-to-none.
I highly recommend Zoe, she is unbelievably helpful and a real asset to the team.

Emmylou MacCarthy, Emmylou Loves

I first met Zoe at a book launch when she came up and introduced herself to me. We got to talking about her job and it went from there.
Zoe has written several articles for me for Leader Community News and has written for my Emmylou magazine. All the stories have been not just fantastic, but true to me. She has given my story light and life, and injected my personality into those articles.
She has also done editing for me, and has always kept my tone throughout, even when it’s heavily edited (haha!). 
What I do love is that she sticks to timeframes, and even with tight deadlines she is really honest with expectations. She’ll let me know if you can get something to me when I need it, or not. She really does manage expectations with turnarounds, and she is always on time. 
I would totally recommend Zoe to other people, for all sorts of things. She can do anything from copywriting, to journalism, to editing – she just does it all.

Jenny, Bliss Fit Foods

It was a delight to work with Zoe. She helped proofread and edit some of our product information.
She is responsive and open to other people’s suggestions. Her attention to detail – she can pick up tiny grammatical or punctuation errors that other people would not have noticed!
I really enjoyed working with Zoe and would use her services again.