Hello and thanks for stopping by!

First up, some fun facts about me, in no particular order.

I love a good crossword, I can spot a spelling or grammar mistake at ten paces, and I’m a fan of deadlines.

I bristle at the incorrect spelling of “your/you’re”, I get a good feeling crossing things off my to-do list, and if I tell you I’m going to do something, I do it! And if I can’t, I’ll also let you know.

My hubby and I got married at Healesville Sanctuary in 2014 and got photos with Bob the wombat. Best day ever.

We welcomed our first child Grace in April 2018 and she is the centre of our world.

I’m good at budgeting, but generally bad at maths – and that’s why I became a journalist. 

I love food (particularly breakfast and brunch), which is quite funny (looking back) because for a few years I was a chronic dieter and binge eater, so had a toxic relationship with the stuff.  I got some healing done and turned my health around. There’s probably a book in that!

I was an ambassador for Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar program for several years. I made some amazing friends along the way, and it helped me build my own engaged Instagram community.

Now, I like to cook healthy meals and snacks, but I also eat the ice cream or chocolate because it makes me happy.

I like to keep active, but these days it’s more about gentle walks rather than three gym classes back-to-back.

I love travelling and seeing new places, most recently it was a family holiday driving around Tasmania! 

And living near the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges has its advantages for someone who loves food and wine – did I mention I like a good glass of wine?

And here’s the important stuff:

My professional history includes two stints at Leader Community News.

I started as a casual reporter at Leader straight out of uni in 2006, then got accepted for a cadetship and was a reporter for three years at several mastheads.

I quit in 2009 to do the travel thing, heading over to the UK with my now-husband (the “make or break” was definitely a “make”). We lived in London and travelled around Europe, and I worked at finance company Metlife Europe, doing admin and quotes for potential clients.

We lasted 18 months over there and returned in 2010 before our second winter (I didn’t mind the cold but the lack of sun was a bit of a killer!)

When I returned home there was a position at Leader and I have been back there since! During my time as a reporter, I covered all sorts of stories – crime, human interest, development, lifestyle, general news; so many stories!

Check out some examples here 

I’ve covered court cases, council meetings, and have experience in dealing with all tiers of government, community groups, police, local councils, and people from all walks of life.

From journalist, I became a deputy editor (doing online and social media), then relief editor (filling in for absent editors), and then became an editor.

I became Leader’s Head of Digital at the start of 2018, heading up online content and driving digital subscriptions, before going on maternity leave. While on maternity leave I completed a social media management course through The Digital Picnic. I now work part-time at Leader in the digital team, and I also have availability for freelance clients. I’m also studying root-cause therapy through The Centre for Healing.