ThermoCooking up a storm

Over the past two years, I have gone from spending minimal time in the kitchen to really enjoying baking and cooking, making most of my meals from scratch.

So with that came my desire to upgrade my cooking appliances – which consisted of a stick mixer and accompanying small bowl that was on its last legs, and a broken slow cooker (the ceramic bowl just cracked!).

But I didn’t know if I really wanted to part with thousands of dollars for a Thermomix, especially after recent coverage aboutΒ safety concerns.

So I searchedΒ online for similar appliances and stumbled on the Optimum ThermoCook, distributed by Froothie, an Australian owned and operated company with its head office in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

I had never heard of this brand before, and to my surprise and delight, the appliance was also on special with a big discount, which I think they do from time to time.

I did a bit more research, found some reviews, then took the plunge and bought it.

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πŸŽ‰SPECIAL DELIVERY!πŸŽ‰ I didn't want to spend heaps on a thermomix and I was looking at buying a Bellini but then as I was googling I came across this!! It has good reviews, so I bought it πŸ™Š after my slow cooker died I knew I had to upgrade, apparently this can slow cook as well as do pretty much everything else! It has a 28-day or so money-back guarantee so it looks like I'll be testing this out pretty well in the weeks to come πŸ˜„ From someone whose only appliances have consisted of a stick mixer and a tiny blender, this will be interesting!! Might have to wait until the weekend to give it a real whirl though, need to read the instructions first πŸ˜› anyone else heard of this brand? It's a company called @froothie and it's just based in Vermont in Melbourne! Fingers crossed this lives up to expectations ✌ . . . #thermocook #thermocooking #roadtest #cooking #baking #masterchef #froothie #zoesthermocook #zoepowell

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This isn’t a sponsored post, but I had so many people asking me how it was that I thought I would provide some thoughts on it!

The machine has a blending/mixing bowl with stainless steel blades, has a bowl lid with a measuring cup and also comes with a steamer, cooking basket, mixing tool, kneading shaft, a spatula and a separate set of digital scales.

It has 20 functions including steaming, stirring, blending, mixing, whipping, chopping, emulsifying, kneading and cooking.

The machine has program settings to make things like smoothies, yoghurt, rice, soup and porridge.

You can also record your own instructions, with three DIY settings to make your own recipes.

The machine comes with a detailed user guide with information on all the settings, safety guidelines and troubleshooting.

It also comes with a recipe book with everything from basics like butter, stock and pasta dough to dips and spreads, drinks, mains and side dishes and desserts.

I hate to say that I actually haven’t tried all the functions out yet and I haven’t cooked a lot out of the recipe book, either.

I do use the machine most times I cook, even if it’s just to chop or mix ingredients, but also still use my stove top quite a bit.

Some of the things I have made so far:

  • Chocolate cake:Β from the accompanying recipe book, it was so easy to use the one bowl to chop and mix ingredients before putting the mixture into a tin and into the oven. This one was hubby approved!
  • Soup: I used a recipe from the I Quit Sugar program (I can’t remember which one now) and following directions from a similar recipe in the accompanying recipe book, I used the “quick soup” function to chop, mix and cook the meal. It turned out well.
  • Dim sims: I steamed dim sims for hubby in the steamer and they were a hit.
  • Steamed rice: I steamed rice using the steamed rice recipe in the accompanying guide. I may have put too much rice in as it seemed to be quite gluggy at the bottom and it overflowed a bit. But the rice on top was a good consistency.
  • Choc chip blondies:Β a recipe from Rani at You Totally Got This, I melted the chocolate in a bowl over the steamer and then mixed all the ingredients in the bowl before baking in the oven. These turned out well.

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When you go overboard on the chocolate πŸ™ˆπŸ« @healthtrendstested invited me and my @froothie #thermocook to join in the #chainbakeoff started by @redladybird3 so I thought I would make her peanut butter chocolate blondies 😍😍 OH EM GEE so yum! Just five ingredients- I used @mayversfood smooth peanut butter, @pureharvest rice malt syrup and Lindt 90% chocolate so it's low in refined sugar and I did the whole lot including melting the chocolate in my trusty new appliance πŸ‘πŸ‘ Check out Rani's (@healthtrendstested) account for the recipe πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Now to get onto my @iquitsugar 8-week program cook up! Hello to all those playing along this time around, I'm doing the vego plan for the first time. And I will be jumping in the forums soon as well 😊 Edit: I forgot to invite another person to get on board this bake off πŸ˜… @erin_dreamingofalmonds are you in? πŸ˜€ . . . @froothie #iqs #iquitsugar #iqsbakeoff #lowsugar #blondies #lindt #chocolate #peanutbutter #mayvers #mayversfood #ricemaltsyrup #pureharvest #baking #cooking #fiveingredients #zoepowell #zoesthermocook

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  • Spaghetti: I tried to mix the ThermoCook recipe method with the ingredients from an I Quit Sugar recipe and it didn’t quite work out. The sauce was watery, and I was wondering if it was because it didn’t reduce enough. I still thought it was tasty, but hubby wasn’t a big fan.
  • Mashed potato: I used the method in the accompanying recipe book but the potato didn’t seem to be cooked enough, so it probably just needed a bit more time.

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I have spent the day in the kitchen, trying out my new #thermocook and I am loving it! It's quite noisy, but apart from that I managed to cook up a few things with a few variations and it has been so easy. It came with a recipe book so I followed the same directions for the pesto, using @iquitsugar ingredients. I also made the @iquitsugar pesto and zucchini slice, a chocolate cake for hubby, a pumpkin flat bread which didn't really work out and this pizza dough! The cake, bread and dough were all recipes from the book that came with it. So far so good!! Check out my insta story for more details πŸ™Œ . . . . #thermocook #froothie #thermomix #thermocooking #pizza #pizzadough #dough #cooking #baking #iqs #iquitsugar #homemade #zoepowell #zoesthermocook

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  • Pizza dough: I used the recipe in the accompanying book, and used the kneading tool. The dough was good and worked out first go.
  • Zucchini slice: This was a recipe from I Quit Sugar. I grated up cheese using the chopping function, added other vegetables, chopped again, and then added the other ingredients and mixed, before putting into a tin and then in the oven. It turned out well.
  • Basil pesto: Using an I Quit Sugar recipe, I followed the method of chopping and mixing that was in the ThermoCook recipe book and it turned out well.
  • Chocolate biscuits and filling: Another I Quit Sugar recipe (I do use a lot of their recipes!), I mixed all the biscuit ingredients in the ThermoCook and then baked them. I then added all the filling ingredients to the bowl and mixed using the mixing tool. So good!
  • Butternut pumpkin flatbread: I used this recipe from the accompanying cookbook and I’m not sure what happened with this one but it really didn’t turn out properly!
  • I’ve also ground nuts, grated cheese; andΒ made lots of different burgers, patties and fritters, which I just add in all the ingredients, chop and mix, before cooking in a frying pan.

I’ve found the machine is easy to clean, both manually and also using the instructions for cleaning the bowl using the settings provided.

The machine is quite loud and can jump a little bit, particularly when chopping, but I just keep an eye on it and don’t find it too much of a problem.

I have become so used to using the machine that when it recently stopped working, I was without it for about five days and didn’t know what to do!

IΒ was making chocolate chip cookies from the accompanying recipe book and followed the recipe when all of a sudden the blades sounded like they sped up while mixing the dough and then just stopped working. The blades still turned manually, and the motor still worked, but something wasn’t connecting.

Being under warranty, I went to Froothie’s website and put in a query form with the issue. They got back to me the next day via email, with a reply-paid label so I could send the appliance back to get fixed.

Being so close to the head office, I offered to drop it in to them the next day instead.

The same day I gave it back to them, they emailed me to say it was fixed and ready to be picked up.

They said a bolt had snapped and it was a pretty random thing, but not my fault, and they replaced the base.

I’m hoping that will be first and last problem I have with it, and I can’t fault the customer service.

Overall, I’m loving this appliance so far and it’s made my life easier since I’ve had it.

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