Go green at the Melbourne Plant Sale

Three months ago, Melissa O’Neill had no idea about plants. Now she is helping bring affordable and on-trend plants to the city as one half of Melbourne Plant Sale.

Melissa and partner Chris Kemp started Melbourne Plant Sale a few months ago after finding there was a gap in the market when it came to buying affordable plants in the city.

“The idea behind it was all the good, healthy plants are in the outer suburbs and there’s a really vast difference in regards to nurseries and price,” Melissa said.

“So we’ve had a look at all the good nurseries in the outer suburbs and chosen the best plants and brought them into the city.”

Go green: some of the plants that were available at Melbourne Plant Sale’s first event.


Chris has a background in business, previously founding the Bottle for Botol non-profit social enterprise.

But for Melissa, a leading teacher at Alphington Primary School, it was a steep learning curve with her first foray into entrepreneurship.

“Before I started this I had zero plants in my house, I had one dead one outside,” she said.

“Now my house is full of plants, it’s full of kokedama balls, my classroom’s full of plants and the kids have named them all.

“It has made me realise how much of a difference it makes as well, how nice plants make people feel.”

Their first sale was at Clifton Hill Primary School on the day of the federal election, with popular plants including kentia palms, rubber plants, fiddleleaf figs and mother-in-law’s tongues.


Their next sale is on Saturday at Sisterworks, 393 Swan St, Richmond, 8am-3pm, and $1 from each plant will go back to Sisterworks.

There will also be hand-pained pots that the ladies of Sisterworks have designed and painted, with all profits from those going back to the organisation.

Plants start from $5, and Melissa said there would be plenty of varieties that were low maintenance enough to satisfy even the most unlikely greenthumb.

There will be EFTPOS available and receipts will be emailed out after the sale, along with care instructions for plants.

Melissa said they planned to have one sale a month, looking at the city and eastern, northern and southern suburbs.

Check out their Facebook page for the latest sale and plant news.

6 thoughts on “Go green at the Melbourne Plant Sale

  1. Hey Zoe

    I finally have got around to checking out your blog! LOVE!

    Firstly I thought I would first comment on this post as having green in the house is one of my loves. Yes I kill some, but the majority have been surviving quite well. I have no garden to speak of outside as my husband is a concreter and we run a small business, so it’s filled with his stuff, machines, wood – all those exciting things (not)! Plus we have a very large dog who just eats all my pot plants, and rather than despair at another pot plant funeral, I brought the outside in, ( until we get around to renovating). And I’m happy with “my babies”

    Talking to my plants and making them feel loved is a priority, though everyone things I’m nuts!

    I love the idea of your friends business – very cool! If it comes to Sydney, I’m there baby!

    Go green I say!

    Claire xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Claire for your kind words! It is such a great idea, and I wish I was into plants more. I generally am not good at keeping them alive!! But I do love the green and feeling of calm I get from plants 🙂


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