Taking time out: Wellineux urban retreat

Yoga, massage, floating, meditation – it’s certainly not your average weekday.

But that was what I was treated to after an invitation to an urban retreat by wellness hub Wellineux.

The experience actually started the week before. A surprise delivery of beautiful tulips and a Journey of Me journal was amazing to come home to on a Friday night, with the promise of an amazing day ahead. Talk about the little details!

A surprise delivery!

Wellineux (think well-in-you) is based in South Melbourne at Tally Health, which is a hub for health and wellness – floating tanks, a cafe, a crossfit gym, massage, yoga and spin.

After we arrived, our first stop was yoga. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to yoga but the 75-minute class was designed for all levels and I definitely didn’t feel out of place. It was a beautiful start to the day, and reminded me that I should actually incorporate it more into my daily routine!

We were then treated to morning tea, which consisted of some A-MAZING treats which included cakes, donuts and brownies, some which were refined sugar-free, gluten free, etc, made by the team at the Tally Health cafe.

Delicious! Blondies for morning tea. 

We were then divided into groups for some of the day’s activities.

First up for me was a morning of discovery workshops, talking different methods of meditation, journalling, mindful leadership, reflection and gratitude. We learnt a lot more about the other women in our group, that’s for sure!

Lunch was a choice of several different nourishing options – I had to go for smashed avocado of course!

After lunch, we got an introduction to functional movement. Silly me did not realise this was actually CROSSFIT. A few years ago, I would have been comfortable with this, but I’m not exactly as fit as I used to be. We did a few rounds and I almost died (I’m half-joking!).

But it was OK, because my next stop was a float tank!

This was my first time floating and Oh. My. God. Talk about ultimate relaxation. To read more about the floating experience, I wrote this.

After that, it was time for a massage. It was a hard day!!

If all of this wasn’t enough, we also got to make our own succulent plant to take home! And we were treated to some nourishing afternoon tea and drinks to finish off the day. AND we got an amazing gift box full of goodies to take home.

We got our hands dirty putting together our own succulents!

I think we all forget how much we sometimes just need to take a moment to breathe and take time out. No matter where we are at in life, everyone has their stresses and it feels like the world is just getting busier and it’s harder to take time for ourselves.

Whether it is a full day or even five minutes, we should all make the time to reconnect. And after a crazy couple of weeks, I’ve had to remind myself to do the same! It’s very easy to fall into the same old routine.

This day was so worth it – even back at work the next day I felt so relaxed and rested.

I felt so privileged, really, to have had the experience and opportunity.

Wellineux’s next urban retreat is on August 21.

Details: wellineux.com.au

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