One out of the (sugar-free) box

I love trying out new food products, but I always end up going back to my tried and tested favourites. This is especially true now that I prefer a low-sugar lifestyle.

So when I saw a new subscription box that promised products with less than 5g of sugar per 100g, and free of hidden sugar and artificial sweeteners, I wanted to check it out!

The Sugarfree Box launched this month, with the May box featuring:

The selection of goodies in the May box.


I was impressed with the variety of goodies inside. I was so impressed with the almonds, I ate them all in one sitting hehe…. so tasty. I haven’t had a chance to test any of the other products yet, but check my Instagram for updates!

In the meantime, I was intrigued about the idea behind the box, so I asked founder Steph Taylor to spill the (sugarfree) beans.

Who’s behind The Sugarfree Box?

Steph: I am the founder and for the first little while it was only me, which meant wearing many hats. I am from an accounting background and recently left my stable job at a large accounting firm as I realised that the corporate life is not for me.

I have always been very interested in nutrition, and found myself sitting at my desk every day, excited for my lunch break so that I could sit and read articles about healthy eating and the science behind what we eat!

Why start The Sugarfree Box? 

I am a subscriber of several other health-food subscription boxes. One day, I was chewing on a “superfood” bar that arrived in one of these boxes and I realised that this so-called healthy bar had more sugar per 100g than a chocolate bar.

Something in my head went “this isn’t right” – people are signing up to receive health food, but instead they are receiving their entire daily intake of sugar in one small bar.

I tested the idea on Instagram to see if people would be interested and I received so much positive feedback.

I was sitting with this Instagram account waiting until I had the “right” number of followers to kick the idea off. I didn’t know what the “right” number was, but it kept getting further and further away.

At one point, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go ahead with it, and my boyfriend basically said to me “you have to do it now” and that’s when I actually made it happen.

Has the sugar-free movement in recent years played a part in it?

Yes and no – I first became aware of the dangers of sugar a few years ago, but continued to eat foods that were packed with sugar as there were no “exciting” or convenient snacks that were sugar-free.

There are still so many people who eat food that is bad for their health as it is hard to kick the sugar.

Our aim is to make kicking that sugar addiction a bit more exciting and show people that it’s not all lettuce and sunflower seeds.

IMG_20160507_082306_resized (1)
Why thank you!

What’s the process involved in choosing products?

When it all first started, I spent hours trawling Instagram and health-food stores to find suitable products before contacting suppliers.

We are starting to get a lot of suppliers contacting us now and that makes it a lot easier, however we still have to sift through potential products and see which ones meet our criteria – the ones with less than 5g of sugar per 100g, no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Once we have potential products, we have to consider which ones will go well in a box together. If we sent out a box with ten types of tea, our subscribers wouldn’t be very happy. So we try to get a good mix of snacks, ingredients, beverages and other products in each box.

How long did it take to get this idea off the ground? 

The actual time frame hasn’t been that long – I came up with the initial idea at the end of January and decided to go ahead with it around mid-February.

I initially planned to launch it on March 15 but I landed in hospital on March 1 and had to delay the launch date to April 1. It was a tight deadline, and I was still in recovery mode, but we got there in the end!

How has it been received so far?

I’m amazed at how much positive feedback we have had.

When we sent out the first batch of boxes, I was so scared that we would receive negative feedback from the subscribers but so far we have only had comments about how much they love the boxes.

I saw you’re now introducing mini boxes – how did that come about?

That idea came about a day or two after we launched, primarily because we had some feedback that our price point was quite high.

I know that a few years ago when I was a student I definitely couldn’t afford a $39 a month subscription.

A sugar-free, healthy lifestyle should be affordable to everyone, so that’s where the mini box comes in. It gives people a way to try out smaller-sized products at a cheaper price point.

Thanks, Steph!

So the jumbo box is is $39 for one month (longer subscriptions are a bit cheaper), with free shipping. And as Steph said, there is now mini boxes. They probably fit my budget a bit more!

You can buy the boxes month-by-month, or for three, six and 12-month subscriptions.You can also gift it to someone else.

For more information, check out

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